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NUJ to revamp web guide on freelance fees

Posted: 12 January 2005 By: Jemima Kiss

The UK’s National Union of Journalists is working on a new standalone website dedicated to information on  freelance rates, and is calling for help in rewriting and expanding the freelance photography section.

The guide is an essential tool for both freelancers and publishers in establishing fair rates of pay and terms of use for work, such as copyright and reproduction fees. Content includes general advice on tax, negotiating money and securing commissions, and has detailed minimum rates for work across broadcasting, print publications, websites and public relations.
Freelancers are invited to submit suggestions for improvements and additions to the current guide.

Unlike previous versions, the new guide will only be published online, although the website will include a downloadable PDF version. Union members are likely to have exclusive access to some areas of the site but the main fees guide will be available to all.

The photography section will be compiled by freelancer Andrew Wiard, who has thirty years’ experience in the field and has been a member of the NUJ from the outset. He will be working with freelance journalist Mike Holderness to publish the guide at the end of the year.

“We’re looking for information from anybody and everybody with comments, suggestions and improvements on the current guide,” Mr Wiard told dotJournalism.”The guide will be for the benefit of everybody, although obviously the union would hope to encourage non-members to join.”

The website will be more sophisticated than a print version, designed to be updated and developed as the industry changes.Digital technology has already introduced complicated fees and rights issues for photographers, said Mr Wiard.”The introduction of digital equipment has brought alternative ways of charging for work, and electronic publications have introduced complex issues on the use of pictures – making it even more important for photographers to
retain their copyright.”

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